My badge reel lets me reflect my…school spirit, personality, interests, and mood. Self-expression is awesome!
Dr. Derr, Physiatry


Med Badges and More, LLC is customer focused and Jodi meets the needs of every one of her clients with exceptional customer service. Jodi goes above and beyond to ensure her products are durable and she will stand behind any defects. Jodi has met and exceeded deadlines for customer orders. I am very pleased with the product and it was a reasonable price.
Deb D., Administrative Assistant


I absolutely love my badge reel and covers.   I like that I am able to change the cover to different themes/styles to personalize an otherwise bland solid color scrub uniform.
Colleen S., RN


I love my badge reel because they are unique in that they portray a statement of me, of who I am, and what I adore (I currently own two that reflect my love of dogs).  They are versatile as well, allowing you to change the direction of the clip to be able to wear it wherever you desire.   And, the fact they are handmade makes them even more precious!
Julie M., RD, CNSC


At work all I wear are scrubs.  These badges can jazz up a boring scrub outfit and turn it into a fun, spontaneous outfit in a snap.  When I look good, I feel good.  I can change my covers day to day.  Even though I can only wear three scrub colors, I can snap on one of my badge covers that shows off a variety of colors and assortments.  It shows my personality and in this way it can set me apart at work.  I never thought something so simple could boost my confidence!
Hannah N., RN, BSN


These Badge Clips are fun. They add a little “bling” yet tastefully done. Change them out for the seasons or holidays or just because you want to.
Bev M., Health Unit Coordinator


I really like how reasonably priced the retractable badge holders are. And with all the different patterns she has to offer, you could change them out weekly!
Judy P.,PCA


I just LOVE being able to change my badge reel to match what I am wearing or my mood! It gives me a little lift each morning to be able to choose which one I will be wearing that day!
Kim P., Scheduling Assistant


Badge reels are fun to change with the seasons. It makes a great conversation piece with patients.
Melissa V., RN, CRRN


I was given a badge holder made by Jodi as a gift. These are so fun because they can have custom plates to fit my personality and they don’t ruin my clothes or fall off. The retractable snap is convenient, these are great!! The best way to have fun, be personable and still be professional.
Jenny K., CPCS, Credentialing Specialist


Love the color selection and compliments I receive from guests and fellow volunteers/co-workers.
Evie M., Volunteer


Love my Med Badges by Jodi! I have several designs that I change throughout the year. We are to wear solid colors, the badges give me a way to wear holiday designs or put a little sparkle in my day! I am always receiving compliments on my badge.
Pat T., PTA


Awesome product! A lot of variety to choose from and if I was not able to find what I was looking for was more than willing to create something to meet my request. This became even more evident when I requested her to create a specific style of badge holder for a large group for a gift that I wanted to give in honor of a special event, the end result was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Easy to work with, efficient, requests met in a very timely manner, stands behind her product, no hassles at all!! Highly recommended!!!
Jen S., LSW, Care Coordinator


Jodi was able to personalize my own badge reel cover. I provided her with a vision I had and she was able to create several different designs and styles for me to choose from.
Teresa B., RN, CRRN


The badges are wonderful.  There are many colors and designs to choose from.  In my organization, I dress in professional attire and at times need to wear solid colored scrubs. With the badges, I can bring the season to my daily life.   I can change the color of my badges to match my uniform, to bring out an accent color, or just be fun with it.   The clip is very easy to attach to your clothing without being heavy and pulling on your clothing.  I would recommend these to anyone.
Joyce B., RN, CRRN, PPS


Besides the various styles of badge coverings her website displays, Jodi takes special requests and makes sure she creates exactly what I am looking for. She is creative and is a pleasure to work with. I’ve purchased my own badges and have received others as gifts and have been extremely happy with the quality of Jodi’s badge reels and covers. Would recommend over and over!
Ann S., RN, CNP


I love the interchangeable bade reel because I can wear a different one every day or interchange them for holidays and seasons of the year.  I feel that Med Badges and More are very reasonable in price and fits in my budget.  Thank you for spicing up my scrubs!
Jessica S., Environmental Services


Jodi is able to personalize just about anything. One example that truly touched my heart was her ability to place my Dad’s memorial picture on my name badge after he had passed away. I can’t tell you how much I treasure this. It has made me feel closer to him each and every day. Jodi does outstanding heartfelt work and stands 100% behind her product.
Deb E., RN, MS, BSN


It is fashionable, affordable, durable and so versatile with having so many different cover options to choose from. The interchangeable color clip-on allows a person to wear the badge wheel with every outfit.  It truly is one of the most awesome badge reels I’ve ever owned.”
Jean S., Medical Staff Specialist

Being able to support my favorite sports each and every day at work is great. I am able to interchange for all sports seasons and keep it interesting.
Tyler T., Security Officer 


I love my badge reel because there are so many different designs and colors to choose from. I get many compliments from my co-workers, patients, and families.
Deb K., Health Unit Coordinator